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Plastic Surgery in Madrid

 Although you may not yet know it, we are your plastic surgery clinic in Madrid. Would you like to know more about us? Well then, keep reading what Dr Granado Tiagonce wants to share with you.

“My work is supported by 25 years of experience as a plastic surgery practitioner.

I have always wanted to offer my patients a close and personal service, helping them share their experiences with confidence.

To do this, I have worked actively not only clinically but also with the aim of turning my plastic surgery clinic in Madrid, in a special and quiet environment with easy parking (something almost unthinkable in the city) and where you as a patient, you can enjoy complete privacy.

What sets us apart as a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Madrid?


The relationship must be fluid and relaxed. No doubts or fears. Patient safety and satisfaction are the two main success guarantees in my work. It is essential that you feel your health is in good hands in order for the intervention to be comfortable.

Another of my clinic’s goal is to provide a wide range of services to the patient that include the latest technologies in beauty and wellness, such as exilis radiofrequency (a technique almost unknown in Spain), along with a flawless physiotherapy care after the surgery.

I always thought that the pre and post-surgery stages are both extremely important in the process of patient care in regards to the advice and personal care.

Therefore, we don’t believe in working with our patients and forget about after the operation, but we consider support and daily care essential to our work.

Finally, qualifications are a critical aspect that ensures a physician’s experience.

In my case, besides a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid with a Cum Laude distinction, I’m Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, with a Cum Laude distinction, and Honorary Professor of the Department of Surgery at the Autonomous University of Madrid. You can check my CV here.

Now all I have left to say is welcome to my plastic surgery clinic in Madrid, and I wish you the best experience.”


Dr Granado Tiagonce


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