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Rhinoplasty – Rocio


Rocio S. is 24 years old and when she came to us because she was insecure about her nose.


She came to our clinic for a rhinoplasty to correct the appearance of her nose, which was very big, hooked, in addition to be crooked.


It negatively affected her looks making her less pretty.


What is a rhinoplasty?


It is a surgical procedure in which mainly aesthetic problems with the nose are corrected, including bony prominence, which is when the nose bone protrudes, like a hump.


Rhinoplasty also corrects complete deviations of the nose to the left or right, congenital malformations such as a cleft lip or palate, and other genetic factors or those that result from injury or illness.


So, this type of surgery was perfect for Rocio.


She did not want to transform her looks, she simply wanted to improve it.


What does the procedure involve?


Rocio’s rhinoplasty was not simple.


We performed a closed rhinoplasty, that is, through an incision inside the nose.


Our goal was to reduce the width of the nose and its length, reshape the direction of the nasal point, and conceal the external and internal size of the nostrils.


General anaesthesia was used because we had to treat the septum with the corresponding bone fracture.


The procedure involved separating the skin of the nose from the bony and cartilaginous structure upon which it rests, and we sculpted the bony area to get the result we had agreed on.


The procedure is finished when the sculpting is done and the skin is places back upon the new structure.




You can see Dr. Granado and his team during Rocío’s surgery in the picture.


What was Rocío’s recovery like?


Even though Rocío was not from Madrid, we had no issues organising her recovery period, with only the minimum amount of visits to the office so she did not have to travel much to Madrid.


After the surgery, all of her acquaintances wouldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was, without actually realizing what she has had done.


Rocío’s before and after Rhinoplasty






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