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Breast reduction – Leonor


Learn about Leonor’s story after her breast reduction surgery.


Now she can wear a bikini and get rid of those “old-lady-like” swimsuits.


Leonor B. is 21 years old and came to us with a serious complex.


She came to our clinic because she felt very uncomfortable with her excessive breast development, as it was not proportional to the rest of her body.


And, in terms of aesthetics, she was not being able to wear the clothes she liked, or she needed to wear “old-lady-like” swimsuits in summer.


This was also causing her back problems, and bothered her to sleep at night or when playing sports.


What is a reduction mammoplasty?


It is a breast reduction surgery.


It consists of removing part of mammary and skin tissue.


The nipples can be moved up to relocate them for aesthetic reasons.


What does the procedure involve?


Once Leonor was under general anaesthesia, we proceeded to move the areola to the correct position.


To do so, an incision was made around it and then the lower part of the breast was removed, with the results we were aiming for in mind.


Since she was interested in maintaining the volume in the upper breast area, we underwent a fat infiltration in this area during the same procedure.





In this photograph, you can observe the moment when Dr. Granado marks the area to be removed in Leonor’s surgery.


What was Leonor’s recovery like?


Leonor spent one night at the hospital.


The day after her surgery, we provided her with a bra special for breast reduction procedures which she stated enjoying right then, in her way home.


To ensure a correct and quicker postoperative recovery, she came to our clinic for special lymphatic drainage sessions, as well as physiotherapy sessions with our physiotherapists specialised in plastic surgery postoperative treatment.


Just one month after the surgery she was able to return to her normal physical activity, happy with her new breasts proportionate to her frame.



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