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Maxtopexy – Laura


Learn about Laura’s story after her mastopexy.


Now she enjoys pretty and perky breasts.


Laura C is 27 years old.


She came to our office because she had sagging breasts due to various diets she had followed in the past years, which had modified her weight considerably.


When she came to us, she said she had chosen us mainly for two reasons.


On the one hand, because, since the very first consultation, she felt comfortable and safe to trust Dr. Granado.


And, on the other hand, the interest-free financing options we offer suited her needs. Laura’s salary would not make it possible for her to pay for the procedure upfront, and she was concerned that this would prevent her from getting the surgery she wanted done.


She found the idea of our 3D simulator very appealing from the very beginning!


In this photograph, you can see the 3D simulation of Laura’s case.


Laura cleared all her doubts with Dr. Granado, and she felt very satisfied after she was informed about all the details of the procedure.


What is a mastopexy?


A mastopexy lifts and reshapes the breast.


The goal is to change the position of the breast and return it to its proper place.


What does the procedure involve?


The sagging of Laura’s breasts also affected the nipple and the areola which -as most of the mammary tissue is located in the lower area of the breast- ended up pointing towards the ground.


Therefore, we decided to perform a mastopexy along with a breast implant, as Laura chose this option after seeing her 3D simulation.


She chose this option, basically, because it made it possible to reduce the size of her existing scars.





Here you can see a snapshot of Laura’s surgery.


What was Laura’s recovery like?


Laura’s intervention was on a Tuesday morning.


She was given general anaesthesia and only needed to spend one day at the hospital.


The following day, she left with no drains, only a bandage.


This bandage was removed 3 days later, at the doctor’s office, and she then started wearing a special bra for mastopexy recovery.


Now Laura looks spectacular.


She got what she was looking for: Breasts similar in volume to what she had before they sagged, well-lifted, and beautiful.


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