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Breast augmentation-Elena


Learn about Elena’s story after her breast augmentation

Now she feels more feminine and self-confident

Elena M. was 33 when she came to our clinic for a breast augmentation procedure.

She’s a hardworking, independent, sports loving young woman.

Ever since she was little, she was involved in many activities, so she’s always had a strong build that wasn’t proportionate with her chest, as it was very small.

Elena wanted to feel more feminine, more self-confident, and ultimately happier with her body.

She came to our clinic after talking to her friends and feeling supported in her decision.

She chose to undergo the procedure in our clinic because of the possibilities we offer with our 3D simulator.

This way, Elena could see the various results if naked, with underwear, dressed in different outfits… both loose and close-fitting. Essentially, she could visualize herself with the new result.

In addition, we worked with her to show her other real cases similar to hers with different possible results so that she could choose what she was looking for and wanted among the various options.


Here you can see a happy Elena experiencing our 3D simulator and seeing the new result.

She and Dr Granado chose a sub-muscular intervention, that is, underneath the pectoralis major muscle, and they selected B-lite prostheses from our latest generation prosthesis catalogue.

This was the best option for Elena’s case as an athlete, since they weigh less and adapt better to the skin.

Our B-lite prosthesis


Market-standard high-end prosthesis.

With this, we had everything already. We just had to set the date for the procedure and start the pre-operative period.

What does the procedure involve?

In Elena’s particular case, the intervention was sub-muscular, given the intense physical activity she participates in and the fact that she is a very thin patient.

As her mammary and subcutaneous tissues were sufficiently thick, it was possible to ensure that the edges of the prosthesis weren’t visible and that it was very difficult to feel them, in other words, that the end result was going to feel natural.

Round prostheses were chosen based on Elena’s particular tastes and preferences, reducing the risk of capsular contracture or rejection upon placing them on a sub-muscular level.

The procedure only lasted a couple of hours.

In this photo, you can see Dr. Granado and his team performing Elena’s breast augmentation.


What was Elena’s recovery like?

When Elena woke from anaesthesia, she felt a bit sore and confused, but she quickly recovered and smiled.

In fact, breast surgery is not painful at all.

Moreover, as she did not need drainage, the day following the surgery the bandages were removed and she started wearing a specific sports bra.

As we do with all our patients who have had breast augmentation done, we began a physiotherapy involving specific massages 15 days after the procedure.

This massage is performed by our physiotherapists Raquel and Ricardo, along with the intervention of Dr. Granado.

Physiotherapy helped Elena a lot reducing inflammation faster and achieving a natural aspect ahead of schedule.

Elena’s surgery was performed on a Thursday.

The following Sunday, she had a family dinner to celebrate her sister’s birthday, and she could enjoy her new figure.

Now she feels more feminine, self-confident, and happier.

Elena’s before-and-after breast augmentation.









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