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Aesthetic Medicine in Clínica Granado Tiagonce

In our Clinic we have a Unit of Aesthetic Medicine led by Dr. García Hervías (LUNIK)

Aesthetic medicine has a triple mission: to cure the disease or condition through appropriate treatment, ensure health through prevention and body care and promote the well-being of the patient by improving their image.

For this we must take into account a series of universal values: SYMMETRY, PROPORTION, HARMONY and NATURALITY.

Under these premises of performance in our clinic a personalized diagnosis is made to each patient with objective diagnostic methods with the latest technology of the market “Quantificare 3 D”. It is an image solution machine that will help to establish a comprehensive treatment plan adapted and personalized with different protocols of action at the level of hydration, restructuring, voluminization and biostimulation, always under medical supervision.

In each protocol of treatment we will use specific techniques like mesotherapy, bioplasty, etc and specific products with CE marking totally resorbable and of the best quality.

Another of our medical pillars is biostimulation, with different alternatives including platelet rich plasma, which we always combine with other techniques of rejuvenation according to the patient; and in some cases will be adjuvant for pre-surgical treatments.

In CLINICA GRANADO TIAGONCE, we can not forget the tightening threads that are part of the restructuring protocol for flaccidity, and are performed at the facial and body level.

The dermocosmetic programs are combined with the most advanced techniques in the hands of specialized medical personnel with long years of experience.

Our goal is always the same: to achieve the best results, which for us means to obtain personalized, natural, safe, and stable results over time.

Always in the latest in technology, our Nutrition Unit performs a previous analysis to all our patients, through the INBODY technology, InBody is the most reliable machine for the diagnosis since it serves to determine the body composition, weight, mass of skeletal muscle, total body water, fat-free mass, diagnosis of obesity, body mass index, percentage of body fat, waist-hip ratio, basal metabolism;

In this way we have a scientific basis for the corporal treatments that we recommend to our patients, directly going into the problem and avoiding erroneous diagnoses

We treat without surgery, the flaccidity of our patients, localized fat, cellulite and stretch marks.

In the Granado Tiagonce clinic, a multidisciplinary treatment is carried out in each case to obtain the best results, and in some cases there will be combined treatments and a thorough monitoring by the specialized professional of the clinic.

Dr. Pilar Lacosta Esclapez is responsible for the Oncology Aesthetic Medicine Unit, a unit specialized in the aesthetic care and treatment of oncology patients, with fully customized protocols integrated in a multidisciplinary team, with a plastic surgeon, an aesthetic physician and one physiotherapist.

Our oncology patients have a specific Unit that covers from the initial necessary surgery and ends with the aesthetic reconstruction of areolas post surgery.



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